We Help You Save Energy, Save Money

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SEDAC Energy Management offers energy audits, energy metering, monitoring and verification, and installation and commissioning of customized site solutions that reduce a business’s energy use. SEDAC Energy Management is based in greater Melbourne and can provide a solution for a single site or for a fleet of sites in any part of Australia. We work in every state and focus on providing solutions that bring down energy use fast, pay back quickly, and provide sustained energy savings into the future.

SEDAC Energy Management also offers a select, quality range of energy efficiency products, including LED lighting, a building management system (Resource Data Management, RDM), energy meters, and additional products that reduce HVAC and refrigeration energy consumption on site. SEDAC Energy Management offers these products because we have developed them to meet market needs, providing the best quality at the most competitive price. These products lower your energy consumption and provide a great return on investment .

The Expertise You Need

No energy efficiency solution suits every single site, and it can be tough to know which energy efficiency investment is the best for your site(s). Lighting, refrigeration systems, power, heating systems and cooling systems are all complex and understanding how they work and how they can work more efficiently requires technical knowledge. SEDAC Energy Management does the research and investigation for you, so you can focus on running your business.

The Results You Want

Energy efficiency measures help businesses protect their profits from rising electricity costs. SEDAC Energy Management has worked with businesses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth as well as businesses located in remote areas all over Australia. Our case studies demonstrate how we work hard to deliver the results that businesses need to see.

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