Market Trend: Facility Maintenance and Energy Efficiency

More and more businesses are making both facility maintenance providers and sustainability teams responsible for their buildings’ energy efficiency. Recognizing the role that facility maintenance plays in achieving and sustaining energy efficiency is important for all businesses. Currently, many facility maintenance providers are mainly responsible for ensuring that all building assets are operating. However, as more businesses become more energy aware, they have begun to require facility maintenance teams to not just keep assets operating but ensure the assets are operating efficiently.

To ensure assets are working efficiently businesses need visibility to their consumption and control of their assets. Recently, new products have hit the market, such as the SEDAC BEMS, that combine the functions of a flexible building management system with the intelligence of an energy monitoring system. This system allows facility maintenance providers to not only see if an asset is operating  but how efficiently they can make it operate by optimising settings and viewing the energy behavior versus performance data.

Visibility to assets offers great advantages to facility maintenance teams. Visibility assists with preventative maintenance and instills confidence in businesses that their sites are kept operational and efficient. The SEDAC BEMS can be calibrated to suit facility maintenance needs with notifications sent to technicians of changes in asset performance. Technicians can then correct the issue remotely or use the system on site for a quick  rectification.

Facility maintenance and energy efficiency go hand in hand. If you want to learn more about what energy efficiency solutions can be incorporated into your facility maintenance program, contact us today!

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