Before You Invest in Capital Plant and Equipment For A Site, Consider This…

 Currently, many businesses consider spending their energy efficiency budget on  upgrading existing capital plant and equipment to more efficient assets. This investment can be a great move, but it is important to first consider getting the assets currently on site running as efficiently as possible. If assets are not at the end of their life cycle, there is generally ways to improve control and optimise their performance to reduce consumption. 

The Value in What You Already Have

Businesses can potentially benefit MORE by optimising their existing plant and equipment assets to get the most out of what they have before investing in large capital upgrades. 

Asset control and system optimisation for energy efficiency is far less expensive than purchasing new assets and usually can decrease overall building energy consumption by up to 25% with a less than three-year payback. Once a site is optimised, businesses are able to get a more accurate return on investment when looking at energy efficiency technologies or new building assets. For example, businesses that optimise their sites prior to investing in solar are able to purchase smaller solar systems since they cut out wasteful excess consumption. When businesses get what they have working as efficiently as possible, it provides a great electricity consumption benchmark when considering upgrades and enables a true comparison for their potential investment. 

To put it another way, installing LED lighting to a sales area which consumes 25% of the site’s overall energy consumption will cut your lighting consumption in half and save 12% of your site’s energy use. Controlling the existing lighting and HVAC systems more efficiently is a far less expensive option but offers a similar reduction in overall site consumption. So, site optimisation offers a much faster payback period. Identifying the highest consuming areas within a site and optimising their control ensures that when upgrading to more efficient technologies the site  will already have a control system to operate the  new equipment at its most efficient which provides a faster return on investment. 

SEDAC Energy Management has a range of energy efficiency products, solutions, and services. Rather than focusing on pushing one particular product, we always recommend that businesses get their sites working as efficiently as possible with what they already have. Stage two is to then look at evaluating the larger energy efficiency investments and their paybacks based on the new energy consumption baseline. 

With head controllers and sensors easy to remove and move to a new site if the business changes location, building controllers are a great energy efficiency investment for leased sites. 

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