SEDAC Energy Management Pty. Ltd. was established in 2010 by David Van Zwienen.  SEDAC EM was created to provide clients a reliable energy management partner that can assist with identifying the best opportunities to save money on electricity and turnkey solutions to achieve those savings.

SEDAC EM’s goal is to save clients money on their electricity bills for each and every site. The strategy to achieve this goal is by ensuring all of the sites are being controlled as efficiently as possible and by recommending capital upgrades that payback in energy saved and suit the client’s requirements.

SEDAC EM’s experience in delivering sustainable savings has proven the value in tackling energy reduction in a staged manner. The first stage for any site is to ensure that the site is operating efficiently with its existing assets and operational requirements.

Stage 1:

  • Focus on optimising the exiting site assets, plant and equipment.
  • Obtain visibility of energy use and achieve control over the assets on each site.
  • Create a management process around energy usage through an energy management platform.
  • Obtain government incentives for reductions achieved.

Stage 2:

  • Product specific solutions for sites identified.
  • Implement capital upgrades of plant and equipment based on careful research of the best-performing, most energy-efficient and competitively priced equipment available on the market.
  • Additional government incentive and finance to update capital plant and equipment.

Stage 3:

  • Implementing alternative sources of energy (wind, co-gen & tri-gen)
  • Distributed power networks and reviewing potential for energy retailing