Case Study: Best Friends Pet Supplies, Thomastown VIC


 Electricity use down by 28% !!!

10 Month Payback on $20,000 Energy Efficiency Investment

Solution proposed to save 21% of the total site’s total consumption:

SEDAC Energy Management (SEDAC EM) has provided Best Friends Pet Supplies a turnkey solution for reducing the electricity consumption for their Thomastown site. The energy initiative included the installation  of a Building Energy Management System (BEMS). This BEMS optimised the operation of the HVAC and lighting systems, which reduced the operational inefficiencies and maintenance issues. The objectives of the project were to lower electricity use at the site by 20% and to change the culture within the store’s staff around energy use and behaviour. The installation was very successful and has resulted in savings of 28% of total electricity consumption and 21% reduction in peak demand at the site for June and July 2014. Additionally, the site’s staff is much more aware of the importance of certain processes that reduce energy use at the site. The HVAC control keeps the store environment very stable for all the pets at the store, so the staff can focus on other responsibilities without worrying about needing to adjust the thermostat. These results showed on the June 2014 electricity bill for Thomastown, which was the lowest electricity bill they had ever received for the site. With the optimization of the HVAC system, the site will avoid dramatic increases in their electricity bill when the weather heats up in the summer. DataManagerPopUpOne (1) After seeing the site’s low electricity bills for June and July, Andrew Wise, Retail Projects Manager for Best Friends Pets stated “The savings have been evident on the electricity bills and on the submetering dashboard online. We are very happy with the expected ROI and monetary savings.” Mr Wise continued on to say “I was very impressed that SEDAC EM really focused on providing me with the best return on investment and designed a solution to provide the payback they promised. I never felt like they were trying to sell me something that was not in my best interest.” The solution will save the site $24,000 per annum!    bfp

The graph shows the daily total site consumption for the past 12 months. The graph clearly shows a lower daily consumption levels since the energy initiative was implemented (daily consumption shown in blue after project was implemented).

Going Forward with Energy Efficiency

SEDAC EM’s methodology is to provide sites with efficient control of existing assets and visibility into ongoing energy consumption. The control and visibility ensure that this sites can confidently invest in future upgrades on capital plant and equipment knowing they will have an accurate method of measuring the true return on investment. case study- leongatha energy visibilityWithin the BEMS is sub metering equipment which can accurately measure the savings and ensure that an optimum baseline is sustained for the site. The improved visibility will also assist with identification of potential issues and allow Best Friends Pets and SEDAC Energy Management to rectify them.


The SEDAC BEMS solution for Best Friend Pet Supplies has provided a number of successful outcomes: 

  1. case study-leongatha money savedFinancial savings

The dollar savings from the initiative can be accurately quantified. This greatly assisted the engineering team with proving the payback periods and quantifying the CO2 reduction achieved.

  1. case study- cultural changeCultural change

By improving the staff’s understanding of site operations and involving staff directly in operational improvement, staff reported that they learned more about how the site worked. Their involvement has led to greater opportunity to improve operations and procedures.

  1. case study- community recognitionCommunity recognition

The energy saving and CO2 reduction data collected from this site can be submitted for various industry awards and to demonstrate to the wider community that Best Friends Pet Supplies Thomastown is continually setting higher standards for energy efficiency.

  1. kwhdown pictureEnergy Savings

A 28% reduction in total electricity usage was achieved using the SEDAC EM approach. The data and savings were obtained using sub meters plus tariff meter data which allowed SEDAC EM to provide the client with accurate energy savings results. These results will be sustained over time, making this an investment that provides financial returns for years.  *SEDAC EM does not factor in expected electricity price increases, reduced maintenance costs or government grants into their payback calculations

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