Case Study: Clunes IGA, Clunes, VIC

clunes12% Savings on Electricity Bill;

Less than 2 Year Payback!


When Dianne Hill heard about the energy efficiency solutions that SEDAC Energy Management (SEDAC EM) offers, she was keen to know more. After seeing the case studies and how SEDAC EM identify the solutions best suited to each individual site, Mrs Hill decided the time was right to tackle her high electricity bills and invest in energy efficiency. She took the first step by having SEDAC EM complete the energy audit offered in the Metcash Sustainability@Retail program.

case study- cultural changeMrs Hill learned from the audit which systems in her store were inefficient and  what cost effective solutions identified by SEDAC EM would lower that energy consumption. Mrs Hill was impressed with how the solutions were identified and engineered based on her store’s specific situation. She stated “Many companies focus on selling you a particular product or system. SEDAC EM examined my site carefully and only recommended products and solutions they knew would pay back. I could tell they really cared about making sure any money I spent provided a good return on investment.”

The solutions that best suited Clunes IGA included refrigeration compressor optimization and re-commissioning the site using the existing control system. The lighting system was optimized as well, with kwhdown pictureimproved timer control and LEDs installed in the refrigeration cases and liquor area.

Mrs Hill has been pleased to see the reduced consumption levels on the online dashboard, but she was very happy to see that her latest electricity bill was down $500. “Seeing that difference in the electricity bill one month later really made me confident I had made the right decision. A lot of energy efficiency products only offer small savings, so seeing a sizeable reduction for the whole site was case study-leongatha money savedgreat!” stated Mrs Hill.

The solution will save Clunes IGA approximately 13,200kWh per annum! This equals financial savings totaling $6,000, which means the project has a less than 2-year payback



clunes savingsSEDAC Energy Management projected an 10% reduction in the total site electricity consumption at Clunes IGA. The project tracking software used to calculate site savings year on year, adjusted for variations in weather and store conditions, has calculated that the sites is on track and currently saving 12%.

The below graph shows the daily total site consumption for the past 12 months. The yellow lines show daily consumption before the site was optimized, and the blue lines show daily consumption after the project was completed.

The red line is the reference consumption of what the site would have consumed if nothing had changed.


SEDAC EM’s Solution for Dianne Hill at Clunes IGA

Lighting Optimisation

LED tubes were installed to the refrigeration and freezer cases to replace the high consuming existing fluorescent lights. SEDAC EM also installed LED Lighting in the Deli and Meat cases along with the Liquor Selling Area.

case study- leongatha refrigeration Refrigeration Optimisation

SEDAC EM completed full re-commissioning of the refrigeration system to ensure it operates at its most efficient.  The site’s refrigeration now operates far more efficiently and cases are achieving their desired temperatures.

case study- leongatha hvac HVAC Optimisation

SEDAC EM optimized the heat reclaim settings and supply air fan control to improve store comfort conditions as well as reducing the energy consumption.


 Project Costs, Predicted Savings & Actual Savings at Clunes IGA      

  • Capital Cost:                      $11,234                                  
  • Proposed Energy Savings: 10%                                        
  • Annual Savings Proposed: $4,946
  • Proposed Payback: 2.3 Years*
  • Actual Annual Savings: 12%
  • Anticipated Payback: 1.9* Years

 *SEDAC EM does not factor in expected electricity price increases, reduced maintenance costs or government grants into their payback calculations









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