Donges Supa IGA will save $58,000 on Electricity in 12 months!

CASE STUDY- DONGES WENDYTo protect her profit margins against rising energy costs, Wendy Silk signed up for the  Metcash Sustainability@Retail program. As Metcash’s Sustainability Partner, SEDAC Energy Management  (SEDAC EM) completed the audit of the Donges Supa IGA Site and designed a solution to suit the store’s equipment and layout.

SEDAC EM found numerous opportunities to improve the site’s energy efficiency. Some of the opportunities recognized included voltage optimisation, lighting control and power factor correction. The best mix of solutions for the site was presented in the SEDAC Energy  Management Review.

Silk was happy with the proposed solutions and the two year payback outlined in the  review. So, SEDAC EM travelled to Young, NSW with all the energy efficiency equipment and installed the solution over several days. “Overall, the installation process went very smoothly. The SEDAC  EM electricians on site were happy to answer our questions, and we had no interruption to our store’s trading. ” said Silk.

The energy efficiency solution installed at Donges Supa IGA involved both whole-site solutions and system-specific solutions. While the voltage optimisation and power factor correction units brought down the consumption and demand for the entire site, the refrigeration recommissioning and and LED lighting reduce consumption in those areas.

“I’m thrilled with the savings achieved at my site so far. On top of the reduction in energy consumption, the improved power factor reduces my electricity bill even more” said Silk.

SEDAC EM’s Solution for Donges SUPA IGA:

LED Lighting

Existing energy intensive lighting in the sales area and in the refrigeration and freezer cases was replaced with LED lighting.

Refrigeration Optimisation

Installation of Anti-Sweat control and re-commissioning of refrigeration system.

Voltage Optimisation

Installation of voltage optimization to reduce the site’s voltage.

Power Factor Correction

Installation of power factor correction unit to improve power factor and lower demand charges on electricity bill.

SEDAC Energy Management System

Installation of the SEDAC EMS to sustain savings achieved and identify potential issues.


The Savings:

Three months after the installation, Donges Supa IGA is showing better than expected savings of 20%. These savings can be seen on the SEDAC Energy Management Portal which compares expected daily consumption (based on the site’s historical consumption patterns and the daily temperature) versus the actual consumption.

The project was completed in early August, and the days after the project completion are shown in blue. As shown here, savings have been sustained and are increasing.

case study- donges iga results