Case Study: Energy Efficiency at Point Lonsdale IGA

Point Lonsdale IGA quoteAndrew Gaylard knew he needed to invest in energy efficiency for his Point Lonsdale IGA in order to halt the rise in his electricity costs and stay competitive. He heard about the energy audits offered by SEDAC Energy Management, Metcash’s Sustainability Partner, and decided he would see what the audit revealed about his store.

The audit, which is part of Metcash’s Sustainability@Retail program, gave him an honest assessment of how efficient his existing store’s systems were. Andrew learned his HVAC was reasonable efficient however his refrigeration lighting needed to be upgraded. SEDAC EM also identified opportunities in optimising his refrigeration system through improved control and the addition of some energy efficiency equipment which offered great returns.

With the data analysis demonstrating that energy efficiency solutions would pay back, Andrew decided to implement the SEDAC Energy Management solutions in his store. SEDAC EM quickly organised the product and materials needed, and the solutions were in place and saving Andrew money within a couple weeks.

The installation was very successful and has resulted in Point Lonsdale IGA saving 7% of total electricity consumption.

After the completion of the installation Andrew Gaylard stated “SEDAC EM work hard to do right by the client. They took the time to explain where the savings opportunities were and what solutions would offer a good return on investment. As a business owner, I appreciated that they understood that the investment had to make business sense. The savings we are seeing show that we made the right decision to invest in energy efficiency.”

The solution will save Point Lonsdale IGA approximately 13,200kWh per annum ! This equals financial savings totalling $32,485. Both sites now have the control and visibility needed to benefit from future upgrades on capital plant and equipment and needed to maintain energy savings year after year.


SEDAC EM’s Solution for Andrew Gaylard at Point Lonsdale IGA:


  • Lighting Optimisation

LED tubes were installed to the refrigeration and freezer cases to replace the high consuming existing fluorescent lights. This resulted in a much more attractive appearance for the sites products whilst also achieving great savings.


  • Refrigeration Optimisation

SEDAC EM completed full re-commissioning of the refrigeration system to ensure it operates at its most efficient.  Anti Condensate control was installed on the glass door freezers to reduce the consumption on the door heaters and compressor optimisation technology was installed and commissioned to each of the  Low and High temperature racks.


Project Costs, Predicted Savings & Actual Savings at Point Lonsdale IGA


  • Capital Cost:                         $12,888                                   
  • Proposed Energy Savings:   7%                                           
  • Annual Savings Proposed:   $5,065     
  • Proposed Payback:                2.5 Years*      
  • Actual Annual Savings:          7%       
  • Anticipated Payback:   2.5*       

 *SEDAC EM does not factor in expected electricity price increases, reduced maintenance costs or government grants into their payback calculations


 SEDAC Energy Management projected an 7% reduction in the total site electricity consumption at Point Lonsdale IGA. However, we have been seeing an even better than expected result. The project tracking software used to calculate site savings year on year, adjusted for variations in weather and store conditions, has calculated that both sites are currently saving 25%.

The below graph shows the daily total site consumption for the past 12 months. The yellow lines show daily consumption before the site was optimized, and the IGA Point Lonsdale Savings Graph 1blue lines show daily consumption after the project was completed.


The red line is the reference consumption of what the site would have consumed if nothing had changed.







Financial savings

The dollar savings from the initiative can be accurately quantified. This greatly assisted the engineering team with proving the payback periods and quantifying the CO2 reduction achieved.


Cultural change

By improving the staff’s understanding of site operations and involving staff directly in operational improvement, staff reported that they learned more about how the site worked. Their involvement has led to greater opportunity to improve operations and procedures.


Community recognition

The energy saving and CO2 reduction data collected from this site can be submitted for various industry awards and to demonstrate to the wider community that Point Lonsdale IGA are continually setting higher standards for energy efficiency.


Energy Savings

A 7% reduction in total electricity usage was achieved using the SEDAC EM approach. The data and savings were obtained using sub meters plus tariff meter data which allowed SEDAC EM to provide the client with accurate energy savings results. These results will be sustained over time, making this an investment that provides financial returns for years.




The refrigeration optimization, lighting control and LED solutions for Andrew Gaylard’s Point Lonsdale IGA have provided a number of successful outcomes:



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