Case Study: Friendly Grocer, Stuarts Point, NSW

case studies-stuarts point-store frontFriendly Grocer, Stuarts Point,  Saves Money with Energy Efficiency Solution

case studies- stuarts point friendly grocer logoTo   tackle   rising   energy   costs and save his business money on energy,   Brett Groundwater decided to participate in the Sustainability@Retail program that offers Metcash businesses an  energy audit, customised  site  solution  and  ongoing monitoring. SEDAC Energy Management (SEDAC EM),as Metcash’s Sustainability Partner, audited Groundwater’s Friendly Grocer site and designed a low-cost solution with a 2.9 year payback.

This Friendly Grocer site  differed from other larger grocery stores since it had multiple stand alone refrigerated cases and a low level of energy consumption for HVAC. So, SEDAC EM design a solution which greatly differed from solutions designed for larger grocery stores. “SEDAC EM took the time to understand my site and the amount I wanted to invest in energy efficiency, and they designed a great solution to suit my needs” stated Groundwater.

case studies stuarts point freezer lights

SEDAC EM replaced the existing freezer light- ing (shown) with LED lighting which consumes less energy. The LEDs are programmed to turn off at night, which provides additional energy savings.

SEDAC EM focused on reducing the consumption of the freezer and coolroom lighting systems.  Additionally, SEDAC EM optimised the existing refrigeration system, highlighted maintenance issues, and implemented a solution for the stand alone refrigerated drink cases.

Profits Protected, Reduced Impact of Rising Energy Costs

When asked about the results of the energy efficiency installation, Groundwater stated “An analysis of my electricity bills from before and after the SEDAC EM installation clearly shows the reduction in energy consumption. The reduction in my consumption has limited the impact of rising electricity costs on my business.” The solution will save Groundwater $4,480 this year!

case studies- stuarts point savings graph

The SEDAC EM Solution was implemented in December 2012. SEDAC Energy Management reviewed the energy bills for Stuart Points Friendly Grocer after February 2013. The bill analysis below shows the energy savings achieved. The reduction in energy use is saving Brett Groundwater $373 a month or $4,480 a year!

SEDAC EM’s Holistic Solution for Friendly Grocer, Stuarts Point:

Lighting Optimisation

LED Lighting installed in freezers and cool rooms.

Refrigeration Optimisation

Optimisation of the existing refrigeration system and control installed for stand-alone fridges.

Solution proposed to save 14% of the total site’s total consumption:

Capital Cost: $13,003

Savings Proposed pa: $4,446*

Payback: 2.9 Years*

*SEDAC EM does not factor in expected electricity price increases, reduced maintenance costs or government grants into their payback calculations.