Case Study: Mount Martha Supa IGA

Mount Martha Supa IGA to Save Over $11,000 This Year on Electricty!

Profits protected against the rising power costs

case study- mount martha nickRod Allen and Ron Corrigan saw an energy efficiency solution as a great opportunity to protect their business against rising energy costs . By participating in the Sustainability@Retail program, Rod connected with SEDAC Energy Management (SEDAC EM), Metcash’s Sustainability Partner. Through the program, Rod received an energy audit that outlined a custom designed energy efficiency solution with a 3.3 year payback.

SEDAC EM notified Rod that his site was eligible to apply for the Sustainability Victoria Smarter Resources, Smarter Businesses Program. SEDAC EM helped Rod complete his application for the program, and his application was successful, providing Rod with funding to cover 50% of the project’s cost. With this funding, Rod’s payback period is now less than 1.7 years! .
SEDAC EM focused on reducing the refrigeration control with compressor optimisation, anti-sweat control and recommissioning.

The HVAC consumption was brought down with compressor optimisation, improved control on the system and the rives. Energy intensive lighting was replaced on the shop floor.

After the completion of the installation Rod stated “SEDAC EM helped me identify energy efficiency opportunities, access funding and installed the solution. The process went smoothly, and I’m  happy with the results, and the savings.” The solution will save Rod $11,258 this year!

SEDAC EM’s Solution for Mt Martha IGA:

• Lighting Optimisation
LED Lighting installed to replace energy intensive sales lighting.

• Refrigeration Optimisation
Optimisation of the existing refrigeration system and control, supply and installation of
anti-sweat control.

• HVAC Optimisation
Optimisation of the existing compressors’ efficiency and improved system and drive control.

Solution proposed to save 9% of the total site’s total consumption:
 Capital Cost: $37,638 ($18,818 after gov’t funding received)
 Savings Proposed pa: $11,258
 Payback: 3.3 Years* (1.67 years with gov’t funding)

The Savings

The SEDAC EM Solution was implemented in July 2013. SEDAC Energy Management Portal shows the energy savings being achieved. The red line shows expected daily consumption based on the site’s historical energy consumption patterns and the day’s weather data. After the solution was implemented (shown in blue), the energy consumption went noticeably down! The reduction in energy use is saving Rod $938 a month or $11,258 a year!

case study- mount martha results

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