Case Study: SUPA IGA, Bright, Victoria

bright iga photoSEDAC EM’s Holistic Solution for Bright SUPA IGA:


  •      Existing refrigeration case lighting replaced with LED tubes. Lighting control panel installed.

HVAC Optimisation

  • Installation of drive control and compressor optimization technology.

Refrigeration Optimisation

  • Installation of drive control and re-commissioning with improved control.

 SEDAC Energy Management System

  • Installation of the SEDAC EMS to monitor and identify savings and potential issues.

Solution proposed to save 10% of the total site’s total consumption:

  • Capital Cost: $58,134 ($33,234 after gov’t funding)
  • Savings Proposed pa: $20,663
  • Payback: 2.8 Years (1.6 years with gov’t funding)

Nick Cook did not want to see the rising price of electricity erode his annual profits, so Cook decided to investigate energy efficiency solutions. Through the Metcash Sustainability@Retail program, Cook met SEDAC Energy Management (SDEAC EM) and received an energy audit and an energy efficiency solution proposal customised to his site. The solution identified the best energy efficiency investments for Cook and provided analysis on the predicted savings, the costs of the solution and the costs of doing nothing.

SEDAC EM notified Cook that he was eligible to apply for the government funding available through Round 1 of Sustainability Victoria’s ‘Better Resources, Better Business’ program. SEDAC EM helped prepare the application, and Cook succeeded in receiving a $25,000 grant to proceed with the energy efficiency works.

SEDAC EM implemented a solution that reduced consumption in the store’s lighting, refrigeration and HVAC system. Some of the energy efficiency upgrades were improved lighting control, HVAC drive control, and refrigeration commissioning. “The installation went smoothly, and all the SEDAC EM electricians were helpful and professional. There was no interruption to trading.” said Cook of the installation experience.

Visibility to the site’s energy consumption was provided with the SEDAC Energy Management System that offers an online dashboard and portal. When asked about the savings, Cook stated “The savings promised have been delivered. With the government grant, this investment will payback in only 1.6 years. I consider that a great return on investment.”

With savings at 10% and expected to climb even higher, Bright SUPA IGA will enjoy the benefit of lower electricity bills well into the future.

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