Government Incentives

SEDAC Energy Management tracks government programs that offer rebates and discounts on energy efficiency upgrades for businesses.


Grants for manufacturers


NSW Energy Savings Scheme

SEDAC now has several partners that can assist in providing Energy Saving Certificates for completed site works.

NSW Government

NSW Schools and community groups can now apply for government funding for projects until 17 May

NSW Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUAs)

Under this agreement, a finance provider lends funds to a building owner for water, energy and other environmental upgrades, and this low-risk loan is repaid through a local council charge on the land.

EUAs are currently available for non-strata commercial buildings in these local council areas:

Councils planning for EUAs

NSW state funding for businesses wanting to conduct energy audits of sites:


Sustainability Victoria: Resource Assessment and Planning for Implementation

Applications can be submitted ongoing basis until 1 August 2014 for funding for site reviews.

1200 Buildings in Melbourne

The City of Melbourne is still offering financing through the Sustainable Melbourne Fund for energy efficiency works for commercial buildings in Melbourne.


Ergon Energy, Queensland

Ergon is no longer accepting applications for funding for peak demand reduction.

Commercial and Industrial Program

The Commercial and Industrial (C&I) program offers eligible businesses within South East Queensland funding to improve the payback of implementing projects that lower energy usage during peak demand periods.


ACT Smart Business Energy and Water Program

The ACTSmart Business Energy and Water Program aims to assist small businesses in the ACT to reduce energy and water use, while lowering operating costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The program offers a subsidised energy and water assessment conducted by a qualified assessor which will result in a tailored energy and water action report for the business.  Businesses can claim 50% of costs of upgrades recommended in the report, up to a maximum of $5,000.  For more information on the program please visit the ACTSmart website.

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