Compressor Optimisation

For Refrigeration and HVAC Compressors

SEDAC Energy Management has partnered with Smartcool Systems Australia Pty Ltd to bring their energy management technology to SEDAC Energy Management customers. This technology offers terrific savings and fast paybacks, and SEDAC Energy Management often uses this technology as one component of a full HVAC energy management solution.

Smartcool technology works on a variety of different air conditioning system types used in shopping centres, retail shops, supermarkets, office buildings and more. SEDAC Energy Management can review your site’s suitability for Smartcool and other energy efficiency measures for HVAC systems.

Indicative savings possible with Smartcool from HVAC/R Systems, Air conditioning Systems, and Chillers:

  • Package units & split units- Average 18% savings
  • Centrifugal Chillers – Average 11% Savings
  • Screw Chillers Average – 14% Savings
  • Turbo Core Chillers Average – 17% Savings
  • Reciprocating Chillers Average – 18% Savings
  • Refrigeration Systems Small refrigerationsystems – Average 10 -15% Savings
  • Rack Refrigeration Systems – Average 10 – 15 % Savings

Case Studies

Commercial Office Building, Brisbane, QLD – Energy Savings,17%

Equipment: Powerpax chiller, dual compressor turbocore.

The Powerpax chiller provides air conditioning cooling to a five story office building on the outskirts of Brisbane.  The building is approximately 2000m2 in size.

Smartcool ESM™/IIM solution to optimise the chiller:


  • Economic Benefits 2.2 year ROI
  • Financial Benefits $9,460 savings
  • Environmental Sustainability 52,819kg Annual GHG emissions reduction
  • Efficiency 65,273kWh Annual energy savings

Provided by SmartCool Australia- 2012

Aquatic Centre, Brisbane, QLD

The Smartcool ECO3™ dual stage controller was installed onto a medium sized APAC ducted air conditioning unit that services the foyer and gymnasium in the aquatics centre.

Equipment: APAC (45kwr) Ducted System


  • Energy Efficiency 19,357 kWh Annual energy savings
  • Economic Benefits 18%  Savings achieved
  • Environmental Sustainability 15,664 kg Annual GHG emissions reduction

Provided by SmartCool Australia- 2012

Corporate Real Estate, Cleveland, QLD

The Smartcool ECO3™ dual stage controller was installed on to a medium sized Temperzone package air conditioning unit.  The small office operates 12 hours per day 6 days per week.

Equipment: Temperzone, dual compressor package unit (Model OSA980)


  • Energy Efficiency 5,637 kWh  Annual energy savings
  • Economic Benefits 17%  Savings achieved
  • Environmental Sustainability 4,562 kg Annual GHG emissions reduction

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