HVAC Control

SEDAC Energy Management provides a full range of HVAC Control Solutions. Energy efficienct HVAC control requires installing temperature and humidity sensors in the proper locations and commissioning control systems to use the sensor data to cool and heat the stores at the required times.

SEDAC Energy Management can determine if the existing HVAC control system in place can efficiently run a site or if better control gear is required to improve efficiency and save money. See our recommissioning page for more information

Experienced with the full range of HVAC controllers, SEDAC Energy Management is confident they can optimise your system and its control.

For sites needing HVAC control gear that offers a superior performance, incredible flexibility and affordable pricing, SEDAC EM offers the Data Manager by Resource Data Management (RDM).

Resource Data Management (RDM)

Interested in the dmTouch? Click here to read more.

Interested in the Data Manager? Click here to read more.

Everyone is now aware of the requirements to lower energy consumption and the Data Manager controller made by Resource Data Management (RDM) not only helps control and monitor your energy usage, but offers energy saving features to guarantee to lower your energy consumption.

The Data Manager platform ensure it operates at peak performance, minimising energy costs and pinpointing any potential issues, by operating in real time so the you know it is functioning at its most efficient. A truly cost effective solution, easy to install and can be used for any size of project regardless of site size.

System benefits:

  • Designed to meet the needs of most applications regardless of the site size makes it a totally flexible solution as you only buy the software drivers that you require.
  • Real time performance functionality, giving you a clear picture of your entire operation.
  • Open system capable of communicating with hundreds of different third party controls and protocols.
  • Total control over energy use and maintenance saving your business time and money

The Data Manager provides all the information a client needs to be able to demonstrate temperature assurance and due diligence. Capabilities include control, monitoring, data logging, remote access, multiple network interface options and much more.

RDM Intuitive Controlsrdm-intiutive control

Intuitive controls are designed to provide a flexible solution for delivering stable, responsive regulation to enable users to optimise systems for performance and efficiency.

Designed to be to be powerful but without unnecessarily complicated programming or setup. The Intuitive Controller can be fully configurable and can be programmed using the Data Builder software package giving the user complete control of all aspects of the device. This allows users to develop their own control strategies and if required to even rapidly develop bespoke site specific applications for their customer with the minimum of time and cost.

A wide choice of display options , including a touchscreen display , provide the flexibility of customisable displays with intuitively easy to use operation. Seamless integration in to existing networks comes from the in-built I.P communications.

A truly intuitive product range putting you in control of meeting and exceeding your business needs.

System benefits:

  • Intuitive controller puts you in control, allowing users to develop their own control strategies.
  • Cost effective solution with energy saving features built into the controller bring you real financial and environmental savings.
  • Easy to install, easy to configure and easy to operate, a truly intuitive product range

Additional Resource Data Management (RDM) HVAC Control Gear

rdm intuitive controller rdm plant controllerrdm intuitive Mercury controller
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