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Our Products Help You Keep Stock Cold Efficiently

Your refrigeration system consumes a lot of energy, and it is probably consuming more energy than necessary to keep the products at the right temperature. Our products help eliminate that unnecessary, wasted energy consumption by making individual components of your refrigeration system more efficient- the anti-sweat in the case doors, the lighting, the fans, the compressors – and by optimising the overall control of the system.

Many refrigeration systems are set up with the sole goal of keeping products cold NOT with the goal of keeping products cold and using as little energy as possible.
Our products and solutions focus on keeping refrigeration systems running at the correct temperature without wasting energy. 

Tested and Proven Technology

All our products have been extensively tested and trialled on working sites. We test each product for ourselves on different refrigeration systems under different conditions and examine the sub-meter data to determine each product’s effectiveness in saving energy and in enhancing the operation of refrigeration equipment. Only after we have seen hard data confirming what savings can be achieved do we offer the product to our client. We are confident that the products offered here can save businesses energy and money.

About Our Refrigeration Products

RDM’s Data Manager

dmTouchThe best control systems for refrigeration systems (as well as for HVAC, lighting and building systems as a whole) on the market today. RDM control can fully integrate with any existing control system and take your site to the next level of efficiency. Some of the benefits include:

  • Future-proof

    RDM Intuitive Controller

    RDM Intuitive Controller

  • Remote Access
  • Simple to use
  • Refrigeration panel and/or
  • Full facilities management system
  • Energy management options
  • Interacts with ActiveFM
  • Connects to local or networked PC’s
  • Load Shedding Options
  • Easy to install, easy to configure and easy to operate, a truly intuitive product range

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Fan Speed Controller

We have developed a Fan Speed Controller which reduces the fan speed of evaporators on demand.

Evaporator Savings

When cooling, this controller turns the fan to 100%. When the room reaches its set point or defrost times, the controller reduces the speed to 30%  saving 70% of the fan load.

Compressor Savings

As the evaporator uses less heat and the room requires less cooling compressors run time is reduced which also prolongs the life of the compressor.

Product Savings

When the room reaches its required temperature the air movement is reduced which decreases the dehydration of product and extends shelf life of the products.

We also have different models which adapt to specific installations. Our products cover different fan loads along with 3 phase fans.

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The installation of anti-sweat control on freezer doors removes the sweat after opening the glass door more efficiently. We keep your doors clear with less than half the energy you are currently using on antisweat.


Almost every glass door freezer contains heaters which use a large amount of power 100% of the time to stop the doors from getting fogged and sweating. We use a system that calculates though sensors when the doors are about to sweat we turn the power on so they pulse the power rather than turn it on 100%. This method is extremely effective and proven to make very fast paybacks.

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Compressor Optimisation

SEDAC Energy Management has partnered with Smartcool Systems Australia Pty Ltd to bring their energy management technology to SEDAC Energy Management customers. This technology offers terrific savings and fast paybacks, and SEDAC Energy Management often uses this technology as one component of a full refrigeration energy management solution.

LED Case Lighting and Case Lighting Control


We provide a top quality range of LED Case lighting which can be controlled and turned off in freezer environments. Fluorescent tubes will not turn back on in extremely cold temperatures. We have however managed to find a solution for freezer cases: LED lighting that we can turn them off in temperatures down to -35 C.Case lighting solutions provide great lighting for your products and great energy reductions.


We can save power by turning off case lighting when the area is vacant or store is closed. The paybacks on these solutions are quite fast as the lighting generally runs for 24 hours a day.

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refrigeration solutions- recommissioning icon for pageSEDAC Energy Management can perform a site visit to analyse the system and re commission the existing set up to optimise the plant. Frequently, this service provides clients great savings without requiring a capital investment. If you want to take your refrigeration system to the next level of performance, we can evaluate the payback of  installing more efficient control systems which have extra control functions and can analyse the system performance better.

Additional Solutions

Every refrigeration system is unique, and there are numerous energy efficiency solutions out there that can save you money. We are happy to do a site audit to provide details on the best set of refrigeration solutions for you given the site conditions and requirements. Additional solutions we may look at include:

  • EC Motors
  • VSD’s

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