LED Case Lighting

SEDAC- LED TUBESWe provide a top quality range of LED Case lighting which can be controlled and turned off in freezer environments. Fluorescent tubes will not turn back on in extremely cold temperatures. Our LED lighting can be turned off in temperatures down to -35 C. We have done extensive testing to ensure the cool white, white and pink tubes provide the right quality of light to make your products look great.


LED case lighting uses 60% less power than your existing fluorescent lights. In addition to those great savings, we can save power by turning off case lighting when the area is vacant or store is closed.


As an electrical company we have selected the best quality products and visited our manufacturers in China to make sure the high Quality Assurance we demand is achieved. We have also identified issues with 240V LED tubes, their extremely unsafe construction and redesigned a safer and more superior fitting. We have a full LED showroom at our Melbourne office, please arrange for a meeting.



  • High Luminance: High Luminous SMD 5040 LED, LED efficiency > 98lm/w
  • High Efficiency: Compared to compact fluorescent light > 60% energy savings
  • Long Lifespan: Lifespan is +40,000 hours, light decay is 0% for 3,000 hours
  • Special Circuit Design: Each LED works separately, avoiding single broken LED influence problem (daisy chain failure)
  • No flickering: Instant start, no flickering, no noise
  • Green Product: No mercury or lead entering the environment
  • Payback: 2 years
  • Installation provided, if required
  • Low Voltage: All tubes are 26v DC and are extra low voltage which eliminates chance of electric shock
  • Waterproof: IP65 weatherproof rating. Can be used in freezers.
  • Warranty: 3 year parts warranty on all tubes


Please see our LED Case Lighting Brochure for more information.

Click here for pricing information.


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