The Data Manager by RDM

Refrigeration controller

We believe that to run a site efficiently, the building systems need to be controlled based on key site data, such as temperature, time of day and site requirements.  To achieve energy efficiency, site control is a crucial first step. We searched the globe for the best building control system, and we found the Data Manager  by Resource Data Management (RDM). RDM offers a perfectly flexible building control system at an incredibly competitive price. SEDAC Energy Management is the exclusive distributor of RDM in Australia.

The RDM controller the Data Manager not only provides control and visibility to your HVAC, refrigeration and lighting systems and energy usage, but offers energy saving features guaranteed to lower your energy consumption.

The RDM platform ensure your site operates at peak performance, minimises energy costs and pinpoints any potential issues, by operating in real time. With RDM you know your site is functioning at its most efficient. The Data Manager by RDM is a truly cost effective solution that is easy to install and can be used for any project regardless of site size.

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