Refrigeration Control System

The Data Manager by Resource Data Management (RDM)

Interested in the Data Manager? Click here to read more.

Interested in the Data Manager? Click here to read more.

The Benefits

A sophisticated and carefully calibrated controller can greatly reduce a refrigeration system’s energy consumption. SEDAC Energy Management has searched the globe, tested different systems, and has found the control gear offered by Resource Data Management (RDM) to be the best available. We’re proud to be an approved RDM partner for Australia. With flexible programming options and an open source platform, this controller is a future-proof investment that will reduce your refrigeration consumption and keep it down. If desired, it can control your whole site as well, offering further energy savings.

The System

The Data Manager is an intelligent control system designed to monitor an entire estate and control all elements – air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, ventilation and so on – from a single point of contact.

What makes the Data Manager different is its ability to take facilities management further; by adding control at a simple and easy to use level. With a control mechanism in place, the Data Manager helps businesses reduce consumption by ensuring energy intensive equipment is only being used when required; and devices (e.g. air conditioning and heating) are not being used simultaneously.

Five Year Warranty

To demonstrate our commitment, we offer a five year parts replacement warranty on all equipment manufactured by RDM Ltd

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Please click here to read more about the latest model of the Data Manager, the dmTouch.

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