Your Energy Management Partner

SEDAC Energy Management is a leading provider of energy management services that help businesses and organisations reduce their energy consumption and save money.

Want to reduce your electricity bills but don’t know where to start? SEDAC Energy Management site identifies the best solutions for each site to achieve the fastest payback and highest savings. No energy efficiency solution suits every single site, and it can be tough to know which energy efficiency investment is the best for your site(s). Lighting, refrigeration systems, power, heating systems and cooling systems are all complex and understanding how they work and how they can work more efficiently requires technical knowledge. SEDAC Energy Management does the research and investigation for you, so you can focus on running your business.

Energy efficiency measures help businesses protect their profits from rising electricity costs and help organisations stop operating costs from eroding their budgets for services provision.

Raising funds for capital investments can be difficult. SEDAC Energy Management provides financing with low monthly costs so energy efficiency projects can be paid with the money saved on monthly electricity bills.

SEDAC Energy Management can provide:

  • Site Audits
  • Energy sub-metering with optional online dashboard and portal
    • To identify areas of high consumption
    • To monitor energy use to identify employee behavior and equipment failures that increase energy consumption and waste money
    • To track savings achieved with energy efficiency equipment and installations; data required for energy performance contracts and government funding applications
    • To implement demand response programs for peak load shedding
  • Site Energy Review- Analysis of site equipment and submeter data and identification of best opportunities to save
  • Consulting
  • Energy Efficiency Products
    • LED Lighting
    • RDM- Building energy management and control systems
    • Fan Speed Controllers
    • Voltage Optimisation
    • AntiSweat Control
    • Compressor Optimisation for Refrigeration and HVAC
  • Installation of Energy Efficiency Products
  • Recommissioning of Site Equipment to Improve Efficiencies
  • Project management for energy efficiency roll outs across your business
  • Financing Energy Efficiency Investments
  • Turnkey Solutions: Audit, Consulting, Review and Proposal, Financing, Project Management & Installation, Post-Installation Monitoring and Review