Monitoring & Verification

If you cannot see your live energy data on site, it is impossible to know when it is going up. Energy management monitoring is continuous review of a site’s meter data for the purpose of identifying escalating energy use due to a problem or change on site in order to take action and bring energy consumption back down to reduced levels. When an issue is identified, the problem is highlighted so that the customer can investigate the change and put a solution in place to bring energy use back down.


Energy monitoring has the same advantage as a burglary alarm system. You don’t want to come in on Monday morning to find all your goods have been stolen. You want the police to be called and the theft stopped before it happens!

With energy, you don’t want to get a bill a month or three months later to find that energy use has sky rocketed and you’ve lost thousands of dollars. You want to get an alert the day the energy use goes up and an action plan to fix the problem. Energy use can increase due to things such as human error and modification of a system. Energy management metering can pick up these types of changes.

Examples include:
-Forgetting to turn off lights / taps / heaters etc.
-Overriding management systems
-Leaving doors open
-Site redevelopment/refurbishment
-Trading hour time changes
-Being able monitor all of these changes keeps the user aware of bad habits and helps them establish a personal energy management approach to every day circumstances.

How We Monitor

In order to monitor a site you need to collect the data and there are a few ways we can do this. The first way is by logging the data on site and extracting the information at regular intervals either remotely or directly. Another way is to use a server based system called an Energy Data Management System which is a remote server that collects all data and provides reports for various locations or individual. National companies use this system as it can compare different stores throughout a country and compare their energy usage. We can tailor a package to suit your needs.

What Monitoring Can Do for You

Here are real examples of savings achieved through active monitoring of our customers’ sites.