Metering & Monitoring with SEDAC EMS

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Why Meter & Monitor?

Stop Energy Waste When It Starts

Protect Your Profits with SEDAC EMS.

Click here to see how Rearview Energy Monitoring Costs you money

Do you wait to get your electricity bill each month to see how much electricity you used and how much it will cost?

Protect Your Profits with SEDAC EMS.

Click here to see how you can Protect Your Profits with SEDAC EMS

We call this rearview energy monitoring, and it costs you money since you can’t stop energy waste when it starts.  Your electricity bills do not tell you when and where you waste electricity. Any business can receive a shock when they get a high electricity bill- don’t let that business be yours!

Make the Right Energy Efficiency Investments

To make a smart investment decision, you need to know all the facts.

This example shows how each level has different options for sub metering. The blue level is generally the most practical for power monitoring but metering the different areas is easily done. Gas and water metering is generally collected via incoming mains supply, though other options are available if desired.

Click to see options for sub metering. Blue level is generally the most practical.

Metering and Monitoring show you:

  • where on site you are consuming energy
  • how much energy those areas are consuming
  • when consumption decreases and increases during the day.

With this information, you are able to target your energy efficiency investments to take advantage of the best paybacks and biggest reductions in energy consumption. Why spend $50,000 to reduce site consumption by 8% if you could spend $20,000 and reduce site consumption by 20%. Knowing where, when and how much energy you are using gives you the power to evaluate energy efficiency investments and determine accurate pay back periods. Make smarter investments with metering and monitoring.

Protect Your Profits. Take Control of Your Energy Use.

The SEDAC Energy Management System (SEDAC EMS) lets you see your electricity consumption live, so you know when something is wrong. Equipment damage or staff behavior often causes electricity consumption to creep up, but you cannot see the consumption increasem(and the money it’s costing you) without a live metering dashboard. With SEDAC EMS, you know if your HVAC is using too much electricity because a fan is damaged or if the refrigeration consumption is up because your staff is leaving cool room doors open.

The SEDAC EMS is also able to display sophisticated consumption data for power, refrigeration, water and gas as well as related data such as outdoor and indoor temperature. With this information, you can find where you waste energy, and you can choose the best energy efficiency to stop the waste. Invest with financing, and energy efficiency can quickly become a cash flow positive investment for you.

SEDAC EMS: The Flexibility You Want. The Visibility You Need.

The SEDAC EMS System has three parts:
SEDAC EMS Dashboard

SEDAC EMS Dashboard



SEDAC EMS Continuous Review Process


• SEDAC EMS Dashboard  •  SEDAC EMS PortalSEDAC EMS Continuous Review Process •

You can choose the system parts you want and need depending on your business requirements. The SEDAC EMS guarantees you will be able to stop electricity waste as soon as it starts and protect your profits.

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If you are interested in the SEDAC Energy Management System, contact us today!