Demand Response


Australia’s peak demand is increasing, and supply authorities infrastructure is not keeping up. Supply authorities looking to reduce the massive cost of building infrastructure just to accommodate high peak demand times are introducing peak demand programs.
Participate in demand response programs and take advantage of beneficial rates or discounts during peak periods.


Load Shedding

In response to shortages in energy resources, forward thinking utilities, system operators, and energy supply companies offer their end customers innovative rates or rebates if they reduce their energy consumption during peak periods or during times when the transmission or distribution system is overloaded, typically referred to as demand response programs.Demand response or load reduction strategies are offered to a wide range of customer types and business sizes which require advanced monitoring and customized control tools for success.Large commercial and industrial facilities or campuses can benefit from our demand response solution. The solution is capable of building and supporting real-time demand response programs that include:

  • Main load and submetering, load forecasting
  • Passive and active load control
  • Multi-site aggregation and control
  • Individual site and multi-site peak shaving capabilities

SEDAC Energy Management provides a system that is smart enough to load shed in a way that saves you money, lowers peak demand, and does not affect your business.

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