Elster EnergyICT – WebRTU Z3

WebRTU Z3For multi-site industrial companies and major retailers, concentrating and transmitting energy consumption data from dispersed meters has always been a challenge.

Remote data collection from isolated endpoints or in hard-to-reach environments is solved by deploying advanced data concentrators, like the WebRTU Z3, with conventional and the latest communication interfaces towards energy meters.

Key features

  • Collects, stores and transmits electricity, gas and water consumption data
  • Real-time clock to timestamp data from meter readings
  • Multi-interval load profile construction and storing
  • Downstream communication via RF, wired/wireless M-Bus, RS485
  • Upstream communication via LAN or GSM/GPRS
  • Remote configuration and firmware upgrade

Key benefits

  • Integration of the WebRTU Z3 with multiple communication networks allows sending gathered consumption data worldwide.
  • Perform benchmarking and compare data from different sites, wherever they are located, in real-time and group them.
  • The perfect solution for small and medium enterprises that want to actively start managing their energy consumption and for remote data collection from isolated endpoints.