SEDAC EMS Continuous Review Process

SEDAC Energy Management follows a structured approach for energy data monitoring and analysis called the “Continuous Review Process (CRP)”. Through CRP approach we collect real time energy data from a client site and constantly monitor the consumption trends. This process identifies any inconsistencies and triggers an alarm on inefficient consumption profiles, thereby ensuring accurate operation and maintenance of Client’s site equipment’s.

SEDAC Energy Management System is a highly sophisticated computer system developed to monitor, analyze and report accurate consumption statistics consistently.

CRP process The CRP service lets you know:

  • when staff are leaving lights or HVAC units on overnight
  • when maintenance work has changed set points and increased electricity consumption
  • when electricity consumption has increased due to equipment damage or failure
  • how much each issue is costing you per day/month/year
  • cost effective solutions to solve problems as they arise
  • what you can do to keep energy savings up and energy costs down
What Monitoring Can Do for You

Here are real examples of savings achieved through active monitoring of our customers’ sites.

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