SEDAC EMS Dashboard

What if you knew you were losing money on wasted electricity today?

Now you can know.

Now you can stop losing money!

SEDAC EMS Dashboard

SEDAC EMS Dashboard

The SEDAC EMS Dashboard is a live, dynamic display of your electricity consumption. The dashboard shows you how much electricity you’re using right now and how much you’ve used today, this week, this month and more. The SEDAC EMS Dashboard gives you the big picture and lets you dig into the details of each metered system, such as your HVAC, your refrigeration, your outside lights, your inside lights, your general power, water, gas and more.

Are you consuming too much electricity?

A simple kilo-watt hour value of how much electricity you are consuming probably does not mean much to you. That’s why the SEDAC EMS Dashboard has ‘gadgets’ to interpret the data.

You see:

  • When you’re consuming too much given the weather conditions
  • When you’re consuming more today versus previous days
  • When you’re consuming too much given the time of day
  • If one area of the property is consuming more energy than another area
  • If one site is consuming more energy than a similar site
  • And more!
This data lets you know when there’s an issue to investigate. Examples include:
  • Staff or building occupants leaving lights on overnight
  • Equipment requiring maintenance
  • Someone forgetting to turn equipment off
  • Maintenance contractors or staff changing settings on the control system
  • And more!

Click any image below to see an example.

What you want to see, how you want to see it.

Whether you want:

Key features

  • Simple, attractive and intuitive
  • Assemble your KPIs on a custom dashboard in a matter of minutes
  • Add and configure your KPIs to display consumption, CO2 emission, costs or savings
  • Visualize energy consumption per submeter energy circuit
  • Display historic or real-time data
  • Adapt look-and-feel to fit your corporate identity
  • Full-screen display

    dashboard consumption ytd

    See total consumption year to date and your carbon footprint

Key benefits

  • Monitor energy efficiency, cost savings and operations or service performance
  • Swiftly identify energy waste and inefficient assets
  • Minimise savings drift
  • Create and enhance energy consumption awareness within your company
  • Engage staff and incentivise an energy efficiency culture

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