Building Control

Saving Power with Improved Control

Building control is the most important piece of the energy efficiency puzzle. You can invest in capital upgrades that make individual building systems more efficient, but without building control, you risk running that equipment at times you don’t need it or at higher levels than required, which wastes your money.

SEDAC EM offers 2 building control solutions. Please scroll below for details on each solution.

  1. RDM Control System
  2. Re-Commissioning/Expanding Existing Control Systems

RDM Control System

Interested in the dmTouch? Click here to read more.

Interested in the dmTouch? Click here to read more.

SEDAC Energy Management has partnered with Resource Data Management (RDM) to offer RDM products to the Australian market. SEDAC Energy Management believes RDM’s control system and associated gear is a fantastic product range to offer our clients. RDM Intuitive ControlWith open source flexibility, competitive pricing and flexible programming options, this control system is one that you can be confident will adapt to your needs now and in the future. SEDAC EM can evaluate your site to determine the best control requirements. SEDAC EM can provide a full range of RDM options and can install and commission the system as required. Contact us for more details on what RDM control can achieve at your site.

Re-Commissioning and Expanding Existing Control Systems

SEDAC EM has experience with numerous control systems including Emerson, Danfoss, Carel, C-BUS and more. These systems are often not being used to their full potential due to changes made on site over the years as different maintenance and building works are completed. Re-commissioning provides a great opportunity to determine how efficiently your site can run, which helps you make wiser investment decisions when it comes to investing in energy efficiency equipment.

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