The Data Manager Touch

DataManagerPopUpOne (1)   The Data Manager Touch (dmTouch) provides all the information a client needs to be able to demonstrate temperature assurance and due diligence. Capabilities include control, monitoring, data logging, remote access, multiple network interface options and much more.

Everyone is now aware of the requirements to lower energy consumption and the dmTouch not only helps control and monitor your energy usage, but offers energy saving features to guarantee to lower your energy consumption.
The dmTouch platform ensures it operates at peak performance, minimizing energy costs and pinpointing any potential issues, by operating in real time so that you know it is functioning at its most efficient. A truly cost effective solution, easy to install and can be used for any size of project regardless of site size.

Click to see the DM Touch network capabilities.

Click to see the DM Touch network capabilities.

System benefits:

  • Designed to meet the needs of most applications regardless of the site size makes it a totally flexible solution as you only buy the software drivers that you require.
  • Real time performance functionality, giving you a clear picture of your entire operation.
  • Open system capable of communicating with hundreds of different third party controls and protocols.
  • Total control over energy use and maintenance saving your business time and money



  • DataManagerPopUpTwo (1)IP Ethernet connectivity
  • Web browser enabled
  • 12 x Analogue/Digital Inputs
  • 4 x Configurable Relay Outputs
  • 3 x Expansion Board Slots
  • 40 Channel general purpose timer
  • 100 Channel defrost timer
  • Multi level user access control
  • 5 USB ports, 4 internal and 1 on front coverDataManagerPopUpThree
  • Flexible language support (including English, English (US), French, German and Swedish)
  • Built in x4 Port Ethernet switch
  • Switch mode power supply suitable for all countries
  • Colour Display
  • Alarm Sounder
  • Asset Performance Register
  • Works with all RDM Products


    • 8GB Solid State Disk (Approx 25MB reserved for Application)
    • 12 Inputs Individually configurable as analogue temperature inputs or digital inputs
    • Probe types supported (PT1000 (default), 470R, 700R, 2K, 2K25, 3K, 5K, 6K, 10K, 10K(2), 100K)
    • Range: -99oC to +350oC for PT1000
    • Digital Input: Normally Open or Normally Closed input (Volt Free) with alarm delay
    • 3 x Daughter Card Slots
    • 5 x USB A Ports
    • 1 x RS485 Interface (Option to enable)
    • 4 x Ethernet RJ45
    • Supply Voltage Range: 100 – 240 Vac ±10%
    • Supply Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
    • Maximum supply current: 1A
    • Typical supply current: 0.4A
    • Operating temperature: 5oC to 38oC (41oF to 100oF)
    • Operating humidity: 10% to 80% (non condensing)
  • DIMENSIONS (L x W x D)
    • 330mm (H) x 310mm (W) x 96mm (D)

 Installation Guide

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