The Data Builder (TDB)


TDB (The Data Builder) is highly flexible Programmable Logic Control software with a free license, that can be configured in an infinite number of ways to precisely meet your control requirements.

The object orientated programming environment gives you the ability to create virtual devices, and custom control algorithms for any conceivable application. With the ability to communicate to multiple third party devices it offers a truly universal solution.

Designed with you in mind this RDM technology is breaking the mould. The TDB delivers cost effective solutions, that ensure your equipment is operating at optimum levels, reducing your energy costs and delivering maximum ROI.

Applications are developed by selecting from a comprehensive but straightforward selection of blocks. Blocks are then linked using virtual “wires” which are automatically coloured red for analogue or blue for digital, built in safety features prevent accidental analogue to digital connections.

The easy to use graphical based programming tool is supplied embedded in an Intuitive TDB controller, and a TDB enabled Data Manager. Alternatively it is available as a stand alone PC package.

With a dmTouch at the heart of your solution you can access your data and insights from anywhere in the world on your PC, tablet or phone at any time that is convenient to you. All you need is an internet connection.

Our remote monitoring teams can manage your alarms, taking any necessary responsive steps to quickly resolve any issues. Giving you peace of mind, and streamlining your processes

TDB application can be fully password protected to prevent unauthorised users from copying or amending application.

The full User Guide can be found here.


6 x inputs supporting PT1000, NTC2K, NTC2K25 temperature probes (note: probe types cannot be mixed). Optional configuration of inputs for digital operation for secondary functions (eg case clean switch, plant fault support etc).


7 x Relay outputs

  • Relay 1:18A(250Vac) resistive (COSf=0.4 5A Inductive)
  • Relay 2,6:1A(250Vac) resistive (COSf=0.4 1A Inductive)
  • Relay 3,5:2A(250Vac) resistive (COSf=0.4 2A Inductive)
  • Relay 4:5A(250Vac) resistive (COSf=0.4 3A Inductive)
  • Relay 7:7A(250Vac) resistive (COSf=0.4 3A Inductive)


220-240Vac +/-10% 50hz (Maximum 32A)

Class 1: Unit must be Earthed.


  • Operating temperature:5° to 50°C (41° to 122°F)
  • Operating humidity:10% to 80% (non condensing)


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