Energy Audits

Why You Need an Expert Audit

With so many energy management products and services on the market, it’s often hard to know where to start. And since every site is different, it’s even harder to know what is the best energy efficiency investment to make for YOUR site. For example, solar might seem like a great fit for your site. However, if you could reduce your site’s consumption by 30% with other energy efficiency investments, then you could put in a much smaller solar system.

The best energy efficiency investments are the ones that payback the quickest and save you the most money. If you don’t know how much your lights use compared to how much your air conditioning uses and so on, how can you compare investing in upgrading one versus the other? Our expert analysis provides unbiased advice on how you should invest in energy efficiency.


What We Look At On Site

  • How much energy each system consumes- lights, power, HVAC, refrigeration, etc
  • When and how that energy is being consumed each day
  • Site maintenance issues related to energy use and equipment
  • Condition of all assets and equipment
  • How each building system is managed, maintained and controlled


What We Analyse

  • What each type of energy efficiency equipment could do for your site- we look at everything
  • Which energy efficiency equipment offers the best and fastest return on investment
  • How any energy efficiency equipment chosen for your site would affect your site and interact with existing equipment
  • How a combination of energy efficiency equipment would interact with each other if installed together on your site


What We Provide You

We provide a report that recommends the best energy efficiency investment strategy for your site.

The report includes:

  • What we learned about energy consumption on your site
  • How we made our decisions
  • What technologies best suit your site to bring down energy consumption immediately
  • What energy efficiency technologies will be a good investment for your site later
  • How much the investments will cost
  • How quickly the energy efficiency solution will pay back


A SEDAC Energy Management Review gives you the data, insight and confidence needed to invest in energy management works and see the savings on your electricity bills!