Voltage Optimisation

Both a whole-site solution and a solution for refrigeration & HVAC Systems

SEDAC Energy Management has extensive experience in evaluating and installing voltage optimisers and have been part of some of the largest roll outs of voltage optimiser technology in the country.

A basic overview of voltage optimisation.

A basic overview of voltage optimisation.

Voltage optimisers are most often installed in series on incoming mains for a business. Voltage Optimisers can also be installed on specific systems, such as HVAC or refrigeration. The voltage optimisers bring the electricity supply voltage down so that it is closer to the 220V preferred standard. The VO units can do this either by providing a fixed reduction in voltage or by providing units with electronic capabilities to adjust the varying incoming voltage level as needed. Throughout many areas where the electricity supply has a high voltage, this reduction in voltage offers businesses great savings on their energy bill.

The benefits of voltage optimisation include:

  • Improved lifespan of electrical equipment on site. Equipment such as motors and lighting fail earlier when oversupplied with power due to high voltage levels.*
  • Reduction of a site’s maximum load leading to a reduction in electricity bills
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Improvement of a site’s power factor
  • Reduction of harmonics on site
  • Improves phase balancing**

*A 230V rated lamp used at 240 will achieve only 55% of its rated life” and “A 230V appliance used on a 240V supply will take 4.3% more current and will consume almost 9% more energy.

**Industrial and commercial sites are supplied with 3-phase electricity. Imbalance between the phases causes problems such as heating in motors and existing wiring, leading to wasteful energy consumption.Voltage optimisation devices balance a building’s electrical supply, reducing losses and improving the longevity of three phase induction motors.

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We are happy to discuss with you whether voltage optimisation should be part of your energy management solution. These units are now being made by several manufacturers in Australia, and SEDAC EM has experience with almost every voltage optimiser unit type on the market. We can recommend what’s the best choice for your site and budget requirements.